COLFIRE sees you and knows there are things that you want to protect. Our range of products gives you the insurance coverage you’re looking for, and more. It’s a WIN-WIN with COLFIRE’s customisable products and bundled packages all loaded with great benefits and ways to save.



Travelling?...COLFIRE has you covered!

Your luggage is all packed. Every detail for this trip is organised. But do you have travel insurance? COLFIRE has coverage that will protect you and your family from loss of, or damage to, your personal items. This protection will cover any injury that you or your loved one may suffer while on that trip. Consider Travel Insurance from COLFIRE - the worry-free way to travel.

Here is what COLFIRE's Travel Insurance covers:
  • Personal accident benefits for you and your family members travelling with you
  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Loss of baggage and personal items.

Details of COLFIRE's Travel Coverage:

- COLFIRE will provide compensation in accordance with a Scale of Benefits - if the insured person during the period of insurance sustains a bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means resulting in death or disablement.

- COLFIRE will pay the sum insured in the event of death, permanent total disablement, loss of two limbs or loss of sight. A percentage of the sum insured is payable in the event of other permanent disablement such as loss of sight in one eye, loss of fingers or loss of toes. The percentage is based on a table of permanent disabilities. Death, loss of limbs, sight or permanent disablement must occur within twelve calendar months from the date of suffering bodily injury.

- Temporary partial disablement refers to when the insured can perform, to some extent, at his job but unable to attend to a substantial part of it.


COLFIRE can insure your valuables too

At COLFIRE you can insure your pieces of art, jewellery and paintings. Yes, you read that right, it's possible to protect your most precious items against loss or damage. It doesn't matter what caused the damage or if it was an accidental loss. You're covered. That's more than what most other insurers offer. The other great news is COLFIRE's insurance can cover your valuables wherever in the country, region or world they may be lodged. You get to decide what suits you best.


Insure your Computer

COLFIRE will give you insurance coverage for your personal computer. Imagine protection against any number of accidents? For the life of your computer, up to three years? Seems almost too good to be true. But with a ONE-TIME insurance payment, your computer is covered against any unforeseen or sudden physical loss or damage - no causes are excluded. That's great coverage.


Insurance coverage on your mortgage? It can be your saving grace.

Sometimes life happens and we find ourselves in a situation that demands we sell our home to pay off the mortgage. But what happens if the sum we get for the sale isn’t enough to settle our outstanding loan? This can be financially very stressful. The solution? COLFIRE’s Mortgage Indemnity, it helps buffer this type of financial shortfall.



Yes, you can get insurance coverage for your home while its under construction or renovation. COLFIRE’s Contractor's All Risk policy will protect your home from any loss or damage that may occur over the course of your entire project.

Get all the coverage you need:

Material Damage

The insured items, including materials to be used for the project, are covered against any unforeseen or sudden physical loss or damage from any cause what-so-ever.

Public Liability

The insured is protected from any accidental loss or damage to another person’s property. This policy also covers bodily injury and even accidental death to any third party.

Maintenance Period

Many building contracts include a maintenance period during which the contractor has a duty to correct faults and defects that may come to light. It is standard practice for insurance coverage to continue during the maintenance period. This means that any loss, damage or liability arising during this period is covered.