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Welcome!! As a COLFIRE policyholder you are now automatically part of COLFIRE’s Affinity Card Programme.

It’s a programme that allows you to save as much as 25% at over 500 merchants across 7 categories. Look out for your Affinity Card in the mail so you can start shopping and saving right away.

SHOW your card, SHOP and SAVE!!


How do I get an Affinity Card?

Once you are a COLFIRE policyholder you automatically get an Affinity Card.

Is there a cost attached to obtaining an Affinity Card?

No. COLFIRE’s Affinity Card is FREE to policyholders unless it is being replaced.

Where do I collect my Affinity Card?

Your card will be mailed to you via TTPOST. If you have not received your card, you can call - 800-SERV (7378), email us at, or pop in to the nearest COLFIRE Branch.

If it is a joint policy will each insured person receive an individual card?

Yes, each insured person named on a policy will receive an Affinity Card.

How long does it take to get an Affinity Card?

Generally, you will receive your card within two weeks, via TTPOST.

Does my Affinity Membership expire?

Yes, all Affinity Cards expire on July 31st, 2021. They will then be renewed for the next period.

If my Affinity Card is lost, what can I do?

You can report a lost or stolen card by calling 800-SERV(7378), emailing us at, or you can visit the COLFIRE Branch nearest you.

Can I replace a lost or stolen Affinity Card and is there a cost?

Yes, you can. The replacement cost is $35.00.

Can I lend my Affinity Card to someone else?

Sorry no. The discount will only be given to the cardholder whose name is printed on the card.

I just received my card. Can I use it right away?

Yes. Present your card at any participating merchant and you start saving immediately.

Will I need to produce photo identification in order to use my Affinity Card?

Some merchants do require that you present photo id.

Where can I view all the merchants who are part of COLFIRE’s Affinity Card Programme?

Go to COLFIRE’s website - or you can download COLFIRE’s Affinity App from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I know what discount I will get at each participating merchant?

Discounts vary by merchant or during special promotions. Refer to the merchants’ listing on COLFIRE’s website - or Affinity App.

Is there someone I can contact for more information?

Please call 800-SERV(7378) or email us at, or visit the COLFIRE Branch nearest you.


Welcome to COLFIRE's Affinity Card Merchant Programme.

We are so pleased that you are interested in becoming one of our preferred Merchants. To get registered, you must download and complete the form below. Be sure to answer all the questions. Once that's done, we ask that you submit the document to COLFIRE's Marketing Department.


*Please be sure to have the business owner sign the document.