Staying in business means protecting your business

COLFIRE’s Commercial Insurance protects your business and property from loss. In some instances, these losses can be substantial. Having COLFIRE’s Commercial Insurance you will be protected from liability, theft, damage to your commercial property and vehicles. Even in the event a customer or employee is injured while on your premises, COLFIRE’s Commercial Insurance will take care of it.


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Insurance coverage on your company's vehicles or fleet is pretty similar to the protection you'll get for your own private car. There are however a few differences. For instance, vehicles used for your company's business will be covered against loss or damage caused by overloading the vehicle. COLFIRE's Motor Insurance also provides protection against Third Party Indemnity. Company vehicles are covered for any loss or damage sustained while towing another vehicle.

There are many benefits to having your company's vehicles insured with COLFIRE.


Fire & Special Perils

When you insure your commercial property, you are covered for any loss or damage not only to the building or plant but to contents - including furniture, fittings and equipment. Coverage of your property also extends to any damage or loss caused by fire or Special Perils. You may already know that Special Perils includes 'Acts of God' like earthquakes, hurricanes or windstorms. However, this policy also covers a comprehensive range of potential losses - everything from riots and burglary to burst pipes and explosions.

COLFIRE's Commercial Property Insurance protects your business.



In the unfortunate event that you are a victim of a robbery, COLFIRE's Commercial Insurance will protect you. The coverage you receive from this policy also extends to any loss or damage to your business place. So, for instance if your property is in any way damaged because of forced entry, whether the attempted robbery was successful or not - COLFIRE has you covered.


COLFIRE's Commercial Insurance covers your cash-in-transit, cash kept on your premises or cash that's in the custody of your collectors. This policy is all-risks in nature and while the main concern is burglary and hold-ups, incidents such as fire, flood, hurricane and earthquake are also included. Even if damage is done to your safe or strong room during a theft or attempted robbery it is covered. An added feature of this policy is the ability to include coverage for your employees. In the event they are injured or have their personal belongings lost or stolen during a robbery or attempted theft, they will be compensated.

Fidelity Guarantee

COLFIRE's Commercial Insurance Fidelity Guarantee policy covers your business from any direct pecuniary loss. Having this coverage in place means your money and/or goods are protected from fraud or the dishonest acts of employees. As a business owner you can determine which employee/s are named under this policy.


COLFIRE's Public Liability

COLFIRE's Public Liability insures against sums which you may become legally liable to pay during the normal course of running your business.
This may include compensation for:

- Accidental death or bodily injury to any person (excluding members of the insured's family and employees in the course of employment).
- Accidental damage to property (excluding property owned by or in the custody and/or control of the insured).


Away Risks
This caters for third party liability that may arise from work carried out elsewhere, other than at the insured's property (e.g. electrical installation work, plumbing, carpet laying).

Defective Sanitary Installations
This provides cover for liability arising from defective drains, sewers or sanitary arrangements.

Fire and Explosion
A fire or explosion may start at the insured's premises and affect neighbouring property causing injury or damage. The insured may be held liable. This gives you the insurance coverage you will need.

Lifts and Hoists
The potential liability arising from ownership or use of lifts and hoists may be quite high and the policy excludes the risk. The extension however gives you coverage. Before granting cover the insurer will want to ensure that there is proper maintenance of the plant.

Sport and Social
This provides cover in the event of third parties being affected by the activities of the insured's - social, sport or welfare organisations as well as first aid.

Food and Drink
The liability to third parties caused by or attributable to food and drink sold, supplied and/or provided by the insured is covered by this extension.

COLFIRE's Professional Liability

Having financial protection with COLFIRE's Professional Liability is a good business decision. This policy protects you from financial loss due to alleged neglect, error or omission. COLFIRE's Professional Liability covers payment of damages and the cost of defending claims.

COLFIRE's Professional Liability coverage is ideal for persons who give advice, design, or offer similar services in a professional capacity.
These include:

- Accountants
- Architects
- Engineers
- Design & Construction Professionals
- Insurance Brokers
- Solicitors
- Surveyors
- Actuaries
- Financial Institutions
- Investment Consultants
- Management Consultants
- Media Houses


COLFIRE's Management Liability

In decades past a Board of Directors was often selected based on friendships and alliances. This is no longer the case. A Directorship is now considered a profession. If you have accepted this position you may, like many others, be targeted for liability suits. COLFIRE’s Management Liability policy protects you from losing your life savings or becoming personally bankrupt due to legal action.

COLFIRE’s Management Liability cover is available for the following:

- Directors & Officers' Liability
- Pension Trustee Liability
- Association Liability
- Charity Trustee Liability


COLFIRE's Corporate Liability

You can protect your company from fraud and theft with COLFIRE's Corporate Liability coverage. This type of protection is becoming increasingly necessary as crime becomes more pervasive. COLFIRE's Corporate Liability coverage protects your business from an extensive number of losses.

COLFIRE’s Corporate Liability insurance, available under a Comprehensive Crime Policy, covers the following:

- Employee Fidelity
- Cash in Transit
- Cash on Premises
- Forgery or Alteration (cheques, et al)
- Unauthorised Trading - Depositors' Forgery
- Securities - Computer Systems
- Electronic Computer Instructions
- Electronic Data & Media
- Fraudulent Electronic Communication through a cash management system
- Computer Viruses and Fraud


Workmen's Compensation

COLFIRE’s Workmen's Compensation is coverage that is required by the law. It protects the employer from the unfortunate event that there is injury or death of an employee while that person is at work. This coverage can even be extended to cover the employer's liability for such injury or death at common law.
An employee who has suffered bodily injury or disease can make claims against his employer based on: 
  • Employer's personal negligence.

  • Failure to take reasonable care to provide:
    1. Proper and safe plant and appliances for the work
    2. Safe premises and
    3. A competent staff of fellow employees.

  • A breach of a statutory duty designed to protect the health and provide for the welfare and safety of employees.

  • The Workmen's Compensation Act Ch 88:05 and the Compensation for Injuries Act Ch. 8:05, which provide for the payment of compensation of workmen (as defined) for injuries suffered in the course of their employment. A workman is defined in the Workmen's Compensation Act Ch 88:05 as
    ''any person who has entered into or works under a contract of service or apprenticeship with an employer excluding:
    1. Persons employed otherwise than by way of manual labour whose earning exceed $5,000 per annum
    2. Persons whose employment is of a casual nature
    3. Outworkers
    4. Members of the employer's family dwelling in his household
    5. Members of the Defense Force, Police and Fire Services.''

COLFIRE's Marine Cargo

Protect your cargo of goods whether on land, air or sea.

COLFIRE's Marine Cargo policy provides you with insurance coverage against a number of perils including:

- Fire or explosion
- If the vessel is stranded, grounded, sunk or has capsised
- Collision or contact of vessel, craft or conveyance with any external object
- Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
- Hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, being washed overboard
- Entry of sea, lake or river water into vessel, conveyance or place of storage
- Piracy

For an additional cost you can also include coverage for:

- War risks and riots
- Strikes and civil commotions.


COLFIRE's Goods in Transit

COLFIRE's Goods in Transit policy covers your merchandise while being moved from its point of origination to its ultimate destination.You will be covered from any loss or damage that may occur during transportation. This includes any accident, loss or damage that occurs while loading and unloading goods.