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Corporate Liability

The increased use of technology in our daily lives and our dealings with the Global Community has made it easier to commit fraud and/or steal money. Historically, the banking industry was the prime target for criminals, but globalisation and the blurring of lines within the financial sector has meant that a wider range of companies have become unwilling targets.

Liability can arise from attacks from criminals on commercial entities through

  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery or alteration of cheques and drafts issued by the insured
  • Theft, disappearance and destruction of money and securities
  • Computer fraud
  • Unauthorised trading

Corporate Liability cover is available under a Comprehensive Crime Policy that provides cover for the following lines:

  • Employee Fidelity
  • Cash in Transit
  • Cash on Premises
  • Forgery or Alteration (Cheques, et al)
  • Depositors' Forgery
  • Securities
  • Computer Systems
  • Electronic Computer Instructions
  • Electronic Data & Media
  • Fraudulent Electronic Communication through a cash management system
  • Computer Virus

Underwriting Criteria:

  • COLFIRE Proposal form
  • Latest Audited Financial Report for two (2) years
  • Latest or pending Prospectus (for companies issuing Initial Public Offering)
  • Business Plan (for start-up Companies)

The above explanations give a summary of the type of cover available. For full details, including the exclusions and conditions that apply, please contact us at any of our offices.


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