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What is Motor Insurance?

COLFIRE offers a full range of coverage types - Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party. Protection is provided to private motor vehicle owners who use their vehicle for social, business and domestic purposes. Commercial vehicles which are used for own goods carriage only also enjoy these covers.

The Private Motor Vehicle Policy


COLFIRE prides itself in its innovation of designing niche motor insurance discounts and plans, which offer specific benefits in its premium calculations and reward in lower excesses and protection of the Safe Driver Discount (No Claim Discount).

We are prepared to offer a special discount to you with any motor policy taken out or renewed. The following is a list of the other possibilities. 

Customers are entitled to their Safe Driver Discount and a maximum of three (3) discounts they qualify for.

The 20K Advantage

This 20% discount is offered to drivers who work within 20 kilometers of their home and who do not use their vehicles to conduct business. Eligibility for this discount can be verified on our computer system.

Safe Driver Discount

COLFIRE has replaced the traditional No Claim Discount (NCD) with the Safe Driver Discount (SDD) which rewards drivers for safe driving. This discount is increased for each year of safe driving and is never lost all at once. A claim made during any policy year will only result in the driver stepping back to his previous level. No premium payment is necessary for the discount one has earned over the years. Our SDD is as high as 65%.

Baby On Board

We believe that people drive better when they have a baby in the car, that's why we are giving a COLFIRE Baby on Board motor discount. Once the insured is a parent or guardian of a baby under four years, then he/she can receive up to 20% motor premium discounts.

First Experience Driver's Plan - (for young drivers)

COLFIRE has devised a plan for drivers under 25 years or persons who have been driving for less than 2 years. Once the young driver has successfully completed an approved defensive driving program, they qualify for Reduced Excesses, Reduced Young Driver Loadings and Accumulation of their own Safe Driver Discount while on their parent's policy. A Premium Discount will be applicable to the young driver on their Insurance Coverage.

easidrive - (Enhanced Auto Saving Insurance)

After a collision, easidrive gives you peace of mind and an easy road to getting your car back. easidrive is comprised of three (3) benefits to your motor policy that can be purchased individually or in any combination.
1. Excess Free
2. Alternative Transport Allowance
3. Anti.-Depreciation (For vehicles up to five (5) years after date of manufacture)

Put your mind to ease with easidrive and drive easy when you're on the road.

None For The Road
Only one General Insurance Company encourages you to have... None For The Road.

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

Does your spouse drink alcoholic beverages?

Does any named driver drink alcoholic beverages?


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