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The Insurance Industry

What are the top three (3) myths about working in the insurance industry?


  • You sit at a desk all day.
  • It is a dead end job -- no career advancement.
  • There is no thinking involved.

These things could not be further from the truth! Working in insurance is very different from what most people perceive.

The Insurance industry offers a wide diversity of business experience and career opportunities from underwriting, and claims through to investment analysis, financial advice and the whole panoply of business support such as information technology, marketing, personnel and corporate management. For professional variety and scope for rapid career progression, insurance is the business.

Insurance is a multidisciplinary profession, calling for people with all kinds of talents, skills and knowledge. Communication skills, intellectual breadth and the ability to make quick decisions are paramount. A degree in any discipline is generally acceptable. However, certain subjects such as economics, law, mathematics, statistics, business studies and languages can be particularly useful.




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