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Rules of the Road

Professional email is very different from casual email or instant messenger. Remember: it is easier to be ruled out than ruled in for a position. Here are some rules to consider when writing an email in which you are job prospecting or applying for a job:

Always introduce yourself the same way you would in a cover letter. 
Dear Mr. /Ms. Doe, 
I am writing in regard to your posting on….for ABC position in Insurance services.

Treat your email as if you were writing a professional cover or thank-you letter on paper, but be brief.

In the subject line, make it obvious why you are writing: "Application for ABC position."

Make sure you change the contact name and content according to the person/company to whom you are sending the message.

Always spell words correctly! Don't just use spell check. It will not catch words that are spelled correctly, but are misused within the context of the sentence.

Never use all capital letters. Employers may think that you are screaming. It is also difficult to read.

Think about the message your email address sends. Keep your address simple, and avoid unprofessional sounding names like "sexyboy@xyz.com" or "partyanimal@xyz.com".

Read your message carefully before you click the send button. The tone of an email can often be misinterpreted.

Have someone else proofread your message before you send it. It may be easier to find errors if you print and review your email.

Scan your resume for viruses before you attach it to your email.

Name your document "your name, resume." Employers receive hundreds of resumes via email. If you follow-up by asking recruiters if they received your email, they will not have to look through 300 attachments called "resume."

If you are attaching your resume, ask the receiver if they would prefer that you send it in a different format, i.e.: Word, rich text format, or as a PDF.

Do not rely on email. Email can be lost. Follow-ups can often be done via the telephone or regular mail.


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